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For years, we've dreamt of jetpacks, flying cars and robot assistants—imagery from The Jetsons and Star Wars, painting a picture of an optimistic and exciting future. But we've also seen these helpful robots turn against us in dystopic futures like Blade Runner or Mad Max—where technology has spun out of control and our outlook is bleak and unforgiving. Both extremes highlight technology, and both extremes feel strange upon the backdrop of our day-to-day life. But increasingly, the future appears more familiar: technology, hiding behind materialism, shaping a culture of consumption, supported by big brands. Here's what that future looks like. And it's absolutely ridiculous.


Sleep Tight!

In the future, you'll subscribe to Sleep Tight, a mattress company. Sleep Tight delivers a bespoke mattress to your home every day! Our white glove service takes away your old mattress, assembles your new bed, and carts away the packaging. You'll fall in love with that new firm mattress feel over and over again. And you'll sleep soundly knowing that you've helped employ thousands of artisanal craftsmen in Malaysia, who hand-craft each mattress just to your unique sleeping style. Sleep Tight has teamed up with Hello Bedding to bring you a fresh set of sheets and pillows every morning. Customize your style, with options ranging from argyle to silk. Enjoy sleep like you've never experienced, and when you're done, just throw the linens away—we'll bring more.


Just do it.

In the future, you'll live like never before in a beautifully designed lifestyle by Domicile. Select from home brands like Amazon, Tesla, or Oakley; your new lifestyle will be outfitted with all of the benefits of the company and the luxuries of a branded home experience. An Amazon Domicile comes with pre-installed Dash buttons, making purchases as simple as the touch of a button. You'll love the convenience of an Amazon prime subscription, where Prime Pantry will keep you regularly stocked with everything you need for the kitchen. You'll enjoy secure delivery of all your purchases in your pre-installed Amazon Home Locker, and no need to program any appliances—your home comes fully wired with Alexa in every room. Or, select a Domicile from Tesla. You'll have a personal charging station in your garage, an extensive solar array on your roof, and a zero-impact learning thermostat in each room. Extra benefits include an unlimited subscription to Tesla's Self Driving Car program, and a Domicile Speed Pass to the front of the line at the nearest Hyperloop station. You'll even enjoy free platinum upgrades on your next SpaceX flight. Domicile has teamed up with Airbnb to offer a time-share program, too, so you can swap brands as frequently as you desire—just pop on your VR headset, explore different brands, and schedule your move.


Rebuild tomorrow.

In the future, you'll build your dreamhouse on the fly with Rebuild Tomorrow. Rebuild Tomorrow helps you adapt the physical environment of your home to your family's changing dreams. Construct walls on the fly with Waldo, our friendly 3d wall-printing robot. Waldo takes just three hours to build a typical bedroom wall, complete with printed electrical connections and insulation. Or, knock it down—Oscar, Rebuild Tomorrow's Composter, crushes building material into small cubes that can easily be discarded. Change the color of your walls on a whim with Picasso, our automated Wall Painter robot. Select a different style every day, set Picasso, and come home from work to a fabulous new yellow bathroom or blue bedroom. New disposable color cartridges are delivered monthly, so you'll always be able to live in vibrant color. Build a custom house, or outfit your home with one of our monthly subscription design plans. The Rebuild Tomorrow system will download a new floorplan each month, and you'll be able to preview your refreshed home with our unique flythrough technology. For a small fee, our consultants will model everything from your fridge to your dog, so you can truly experience life in your new space before you build it.


Stay safe out there.

In the future, you'll be able to protect your home and all of your expensive and important purchases with With our patented SekureStitch technology, we'll build a 3D video on the fly from all of the security cameras in your neighborhood. Investigate that suspicious noise that you heard in the night, watch the delivery man when he drops packages on your doorstep, and keep an eye on the street when you are on vacation. Create a geofence alarm to send you a notification when those suspicious new neighbors are on the move; establish a digital perimeter around your house, and set off an alarm when that geofence is triggered. And, if the worst happens, you're protected—easily save the 3D videos to substantiate insurance claims and quickly settle legal disputes. Maintain the standard of life you deserve. Secure your future with


The future is not about technology—it's about familiarity. We're familiar and comfortable with materialism. We expect to have our world customized to our unique needs, and to find that world safe and predictable. That safety, predictability, and attention will come from big brands, companies who offer us new products and services to cater to needs we didn't even know we had. This future is more bleak than a science fiction movie, because it's believable. In the future, we'll allow these brands unprecedented access to our lives, families, and homes—and in return, we'll treasure a form of invisible technology, one that appears unique, targeted, and designed just for me.

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