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Zoom Learning, Then What?

Zoom - Then What?

For years, we’ve been hearing about how technology is going to “Revolutionize Education.”  About how designing digital devices will save the students, crafting the future of learning. Well, suddenly and without warning, the future of education is here, and it doesn’t look very revolutionary. Why not?
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The Future: Crippling student loan debt, and no job?

Future of Education and Service Design

Bernie Sanders ran on a platform that included student debt forgiveness as a major pillar. In the three weeks since he suspended his campaign, the world turned upside down, and those burdened with student loans are now facing not only crippling debt but a lack of employment in the near term and, potentially, even distant future.
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Think Like a Designer

Think Like a Designer - hero image

Here at Modernist Studio, we create products that solve problems for real people. We also believe in humanizing design, and that requires educating people about the way our process works in a scalable way. It’s doesn’t always come easy, but it’s a process that often transforms the way businesses approach and execute on new ideas. Read more…

The Design Trap of Student Debt

The Design Trap of Student Debt - hero image

For years, student debt was considered “good debt.” We’ve heard over and over that a bachelor’s degree leads to a million dollars or more in salary over the course of a career. Causality and correlation may be mixed up here, but that aside, the backdrop has changed. Read more…