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Design thinking has a place in every kind of business. And strong teams make great organizations.

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The team worked with our firm to develop a several week customized training program from scratch for 30 students that emphasized doing, and enabled our staff to become practitioners of design thinking. The teaching staff were experienced practitioners, well prepared, knowledgeable, flexible, and fun. The content and exercises were spot on. They were worth every penny - more!

David Humenansky, Senior Executive Advisor

Booz Allen Hamilton

We ground our design training programs in proven design methodologies, then customize and scale according to your specific team needs.

Example 1/2 Day Workshop
Example 1/2 Day Workshop

This half-day workshop is designed to provide an overview to how design thinking methods have been successfully applied to real world business objectives. It will help strategic decision makers identify where and how a design thinking approach might be beneficial to their product strategy.

We teach a wide-range of topics
  • Design research
  • Design thinking for product teams
  • Design thinking for executive / management teams
  • Service design
  • Design strategy
  • Product management and visioning

And we can help you create the competencies you seek to see in your organization.

Design Thinking practitioners are good at:
Problem finding

Looking to build Design Thinking competencies within your organization?

Pairing creativity with alignment results in strong teams ready to make an impact in both your organization, and the world.

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