I want to show leadership what the future looks like.

Talking about ideas is one thing. Showing them is another.

Partners like Logitech engage with us to explore a canvas of possibilities.

Equalizer integrated into playback controls

Auto-leveling presents using a MIDI pad

New ideas presented in a digital, service-oriented landscape look different, and we show that difference in vivid color.

There’s value everywhere. By mapping today, we identify problems that lead to opportunities for future innovations.

I have an idea to explore
I have an idea to explore
Are these the right tools?
This isn’t working as planned
Experiment to find the solution
Wow! Now that sounds incredible.

Clients like Logitech — well established in their industry — know they need to innovate or risk losing to a new entrant.


The best innovations don't appear all at once. Modernist will show in detail how you can get from the here and now to the future.

We make the possible believable—so leadership will, too.

Modernist can help you harness the power of design to visualize the future.