We believe that design can change the world by humanizing technology, and we teach a repeatable process that supports this belief.

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Our training will help you manage the complexity that comes with bringing creativity into your organization.

We offer custom training in design strategy, interaction design, service design and product management. Our courses are each unique, and we work with our partners to understand their training expectations and shape an educational program to meet their goals. Practitioner courses often highlight service design, interface design, product roadmapping, design research, and sketching, while Executive courses cover topics like institutionalizing design strategy, building a creative culture, structuring design projects, and selling creative programs internally and externally.

Course Catalog

Service Design: Designing for Experience Over Time

This training program will help you leverage methods of design thinking in order to produce new and compelling service and system designs. It serves as a foundation for thinking about the behavioral touchpoints a user may have with your company, and how those touchpoints can be better designed to support a more comprehensive and purposeful brand experience.

As a result of taking this training in service design, you'll be able to analyze an existing service in order to judge its efficacy and value, to think about experiences as a series of designed touchpoints, to articulate the value of designing for time-based experiences, and to model complexity in order to arrive at a value proposition.

As a result of taking this course, you'll gain specific skills in:

  • Developing service slice models
  • Authoring scenarios and storyboards
  • Crafting customer journey maps
  • Developing a value proposition

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Product Management: Building Great Products

This course presents an introduction to product management – the process and skills necessary to develop a new idea and bring it to market. The focus is on developing valuable products through an iterative process of creative development.

As a result of taking this training, you'll be able to translate research into insight by thinking critically about what people want, need and desire. You'll learn how to define the value of a product, and then identify the sequence and pacing of feature development.

As a result of taking this course, you'll gain specific skills in:

  • Producing meaningful product insights
  • Developing product stories and capabilities
  • Downselecting ideas in order to develop a product north-star
  • Producing a product roadmap

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