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Journalism Says It’s a Service, But It Doesn’t Think Like One

Journalism Says It's a Service

Last fall I was part of a gathering for solutions journalists with journalists from around the country and world who focus on stories about problem-solving. The term “solutions journalism” sounds positive, but this form of journalism isn’t focused on feel-good stories or “fluff” pieces. Instead, these stories look for what people are doing about a problem, and evaluates whether these attempted solutions are working or not, for whom, and why.
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Are design patterns human enough?

Are design patterns human enough? - hero image

The concept of “patterns” is a familiar one to designers; they are descriptions of repeatable forms that a given technology can take. Most design patterns describe a way a person interacts with a technology. For example, the act of finding books (and everything else) is now largely dominated by Amazon. Read more…

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