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The Future: Crippling student loan debt, and no job?

Future of Education and Service Design

Bernie Sanders ran on a platform that included student debt forgiveness as a major pillar. In the three weeks since he suspended his campaign, the world turned upside down, and those burdened with student loans are now facing not only crippling debt but a lack of employment in the near term and, potentially, even distant future.
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A Look Into the Experience Economy

A Look Into the Experience Economy - hero image

In a recent roundtable, we spoke to strategists from some of the leading financial institutions in the country about shifting cultural perspectives around money and careers. Our parents taught us to save and not to overspend, but the youngest generation sees the world a little differently: salaries spent on luxury apartments, spontaneous flights to Santorini, concert tickets to Coachella and flexible work gigs to make it all possible. Read more…

When Google buys 99designs, the traditional design industry is screwed.

When Google Buys 99 Designs, Design is Dead

Most designers I know hate 99designs. 99designs is a marketplace for design work – things like logos, clothing, websites, and more. Customers in search of a design can start contests, designers submit their work, and the customer selects a design. It boasts 444,000 happy customers with an average 4.7 out of 5 stars, $200M paid to designers, and a 60 day money back guarantee.
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