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The User is Not Like Me

The User is Not Like Me

When I went to graduate school, my professor drilled a simple statement into my head: “The user is not like me.” This was a reminder that, when I design things, the people we are designing for have different wants, needs, desires, and characteristics than I do. Read more...

What Is Value?

What is value?

Value is often considered “how much someone will pay.” This is structured atop a neoclassical view of economics: there’s an equilibrium between the cost of a product and the amount someone is willing to pay for it, and consumers go out of their way to maximize around and with that equilibrium. Read more...

We Are Illiterate

We are illiterate.

We have no design literacy. We lack a basic functioning literacy about the big, broad discipline of design: the ability to see, judge, appreciate, and communicate through design. Read more...

The Future of Aging

A look into the future of aging

Many of us are watching our parents age. Their expectations are unique: they aren’t interested in a nursing home, having watched their own parents’ aging experiences. They are looking for a way to retire on their own terms and in their own homes. Read more...

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