Jon Kolko

Jon Kolko

Jon is the COO, and a Partner, at Modernist Studio, and the Founder of Austin Center for Design. He was previously the Vice President of Design at Blackboard, the largest educational software company in the world. Jon has also held the positions of Executive Director of Design Strategy at Thinktiv, a venture accelerator in Austin, Texas, and both Principal Designer and Associate Creative Director at frog design, a global innovation firm.

The Future: Crippling student loan debt, and no job?

Future of Education and Service Design

Bernie Sanders ran on a platform that included student debt forgiveness as a major pillar. In the three weeks since he suspended his campaign, the world turned upside down, and those burdened with student loans are now facing not only crippling debt but a lack of employment in the near term and, potentially, even distant future.
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Drawing doesn’t present knowledge. It creates it.

Drawing doesn't present knowledge. It creates it. - hero image

Knowledge is created. And in the process of sketching things, we create it over, and over, and over. We often believe that knowledge exists, and it’s our job to find it, read it, and absorb it. And for most of us, and in most situations, that’s true – we’re not the ones creating the knowledge, we’re the ones learning from it. But in some contexts, we do create new knowledge by contextualizing data, combining data, and looking at data in new ways.
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IxDA Interaction Week: Sell solutions by starting with stories

IxDA Interaction Week: Sell solutions by starting with stories - hero image

The design process, from start to finish, is about knowing people – their problems, needs and feelings – and then creating solutions to their challenges. We achieve this by performing extensive research, leading in-depth conversations and learning new lingo. We get to know people who aren’t like us and begin to sympathize with them as we design ways to improve their day-to-day lives. Read more…

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