Future of Education and Service Design

The Future: Crippling student loan debt, and no job?

Bernie Sanders ran on a platform that included student debt forgiveness as a major pillar. In the three weeks since he suspended his campaign, the world turned upside down, and those burdened with student loans are now facing not only crippling debt but a lack of employment in the near term and, potentially, even distant future.

Service jobs have largely evaporated, and while they’ll come back, the employment landscape will be really, really different. What to do with higher education? Is this the straw that finally breaks the back of the already struggling, already demise-rumored industrial-education complex?

Check out this short clip of Rachel Kobetz, Senior Vice President and Head of Design at Bank of America, and Brian Romanko, VP of Engineering at Bestow, discussing the need to make fundamental changes to our education system:

Click here to check out the full length round table conversation.

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