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A Look Into the Experience Economy

In a recent roundtable, we spoke to strategists from some of the leading financial institutions in the country about shifting cultural perspectives around money and careers. Our parents taught us to save and not to overspend, but the youngest generation sees the world a little differently: salaries spent on luxury apartments, spontaneous flights to Santorini, concert tickets to Coachella and flexible work gigs to make it all possible.

The shift is happening right before our eyes, and it’s one our parents may not agree with. Regardless, we’re working to make sure our financial structures keep up.

We’re putting ourselves in the shoes of those fresh-out-of-school youth to create products that meet consumers where they are. Many of them don’t have savings, so why not give them a better way to pay for that European vacation, little-by-little? We can integrate social media into our day-to-day spending, crowdsource our monthly budgets or spice up bank statements with exciting reminders of that night we spent our entire paycheck on a steak dinner.

Here at Modernist Studio we work with big brands to make it all possible for our clients and it all begins with ideation – throwing around ideas that might turn into products that spur systemic change. The Experience Economy is an exploration into just a few of these ideas for the future of finance.

View The Experience Economy here.

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