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The New American Dream: Gig Work, Vocational Jobs, Experience, or Poverty

What’s the New American Dream? When you picture the American Dream, you might think about finding a steady, high-paying job, getting married, settling down. You might even picture a home with a white picket fence and a quiet life in the suburbs.

We were taught by previous generations to achieve these things – to save plenty of money for a comfortable retirement. But what if the American Dream is beginning to look different? This life of comfort and quiet is being traded for one of insecurity and instability, but also of adventure and fulfillment.

With these changes comes a new set of challenges: student debt, outdated financial models and a generation that isn’t prepared for a rainy day. Far too many young people are uneducated about their financial products and they’re getting caught in a cycle of high interest rates and late payments. Finances are complicated, making it impossible for them to enjoy the little money they do save.

For some, the New American Dream is to live in the moment, be comfortable, and do things we are passionate about away from the confines of a desk and an office. And for others, it’s more basic: to survive. In both cases, our existing financial structures are increasingly obsolete and insufficient.

We explored these topics with leaders in the financial industry. These leaders are creating new products, services, and businesses in the midst of this cultural change. They shared their perspectives with us in a round table discussion, moderated by Modernist Studio Partner Jon Kolko. Our participants include:

  • Shane Berry – Head of Design, Mission Lane
  • Jeremy Henrickson – former Chief Product Officer, Coinbase
  • Cindy Chastain – SVP, Customer Experience & Design, Mastercard
  • Meriah Garrett – Chief Design Officer, USAA
  • Rachel Kobetz – SVP, Head of Design, Bank of America
  • Brian Romanko – VP, Engineering, Bestow

Join us in exploring the New American Dream:

The views and opinions expressed in the New American Dream are those of the speakers and do not necessarily reflect the views of the guests’ employers.

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