The Future of Aging

A look into the future of aging

Many of us are watching our parents age. Their expectations are unique: they aren’t interested in a nursing home, having watched their own parents’ aging experiences. They are looking for a way to retire on their own terms and in their own homes.

As their family members, we’re trying to do our best to help them. It’s tempting to throw technology at the problem of aging in place, given that most of us see the potential for helping our parents through automation. But a technological cure-all may be as inappropriate as an out-of-sight, out-of-mind nursing home experience.

When I Get Old, Shoot Me In The Head is an exploration into the inevitability of technology as a well intentioned support structure for aging. These ideas aren’t necessarily good or bad – but they sure seem likely.

View When I Get Old, Shoot Me In The Head here.

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